How to apply gel polish to a natural nails?

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Tools required

Kiki London products

Primer Base Coat ∙ Gel Colour Coat ∙ Top CoatNail Lamp Cuticle Oil


∙ Lint free pad ∙ Gel residue wipe off solution ∙ Cuticle pusher ∙ 180 soft grit file ∙ Nail Buffer ∙ Duster ∙


  1. Prep the nail
  2. Wipe the nails with gel residue wipe off solution

If you have oily nails or nails are not completely go matte, then apply nail dehydrator to remove oil from the nail plate

Step 1: Prep the nail [check out the blog post here to see how!]

  1. Apply Kiki London Nail Primer
  2. Apply a nice thin layer of Kiki London Base Coat, making sure not to flood the cuticle
  3. Cure base coat for 30 seconds in an LED lamp (or 1-2 minutes in UV lamp)
  4. Apply a thin, even layer of colour coat of your choice and making sure to cap the free edge
  5. Cure first colour coat for 30 seconds in an LED lamp (or 1-2 minutes in UV lamp)
  6. Apply second layer of colour and cure for 30 seconds LED lamp (or 1-2 minutes in UV lamp)
  7. Apply thin coat of Kiki London Top Coat, making sure to take some time to ensure you cover the whole nail and are capping the free edge
  8. Wipe off sticky layer with a lint free pad and gel residue wipe off solution (skip this step if you’ve used any of the Kiki London No Wipe Top Coat – for more info click here)
  9. Apply Kiki London Cuticle Oil to replenish the oils in the finger and importantly keep your nails hydrated and strong


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