How to prep nails for gel application?

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Tools Required 

∙ Lint free pad ∙ Gel residue wipe off solution ∙ Cuticle pusher ∙ 180 Grit File ∙ Nail buffer ∙ Duster ∙


  • Step 1: Wipe nails with gel residue wipe off solution (cleanser) on a lint free pad   
  • Step 2: Dry push back the cuticles.  Be careful not to push too deep as this will damage them
  • The reason we dry push them back is because if you use any solutions like cuticle oil, it will go into the nail properly. 
  • Step 3: Push back non-living tissue with cuticle pusher or orange stick.  If you leave the non- living tissue on the nail, when you apply the gel, it is more likely to cause lifting
  • We do not recommend cutting cuticles or removing them excessively for the health and safety of your nails
  • Step 4: Remove non-living tissue with a soft hand file (180 grit/ or e file with cuticle bit) around the cuticle area
  • Step 5: Tidy and file free edge to desired shape in one direction, filing from sides to the tip
  • If you file in different directions, it causes friction which starts to separate the keratinised cells slightly, making the free edge weak
  • Step 6: Gently pull the file down the length of the nail to the free edge to remove the shine of the natural nail
  • Step 7: Dust, then wipe over nails with gel residue wipe off solution to clean the nails up


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