How to remove Kiki London Builder Gel?

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These are instructions on how we recommend removing Kiki London Builder Gel polish. 
Please note we have separate instructions for Kiki London Normal Gel and Kiki London Rubber Gel products.
Tools required
∙ 180 soft grit file ∙ 100 soft grit file ∙ Nail clipper ∙ Nail buffer ∙ Lint free pad (Cut to fit nail size) ∙ Acetone ∙ Foil ∙ Orange stick ∙ Kiki London Cuticle Oil ∙


    • Step 1: Use a nail clipper to carefully cut down the nail extension (if applicable) to a shorter length
    • Step 2: With a hard file (100 grit), buff over the top surface layer of the nail to remove the top coat, colour coat and top layer of Kiki London Builder Gel
      • Be sure to be gentle and not over buff with the hard file to avoid damaging your nail bed
    • Step 3: Soak a small piece of lint free pad in some acetone and place it on the nail, ensuring you cover the entirety of the nail
    • Step 4:  Wrap a piece of foil around the nail and fold over the top to make sure it’s secure
      • Any foil will do, we do recommend hairdressing foil as it is more bit thicker making it easier to control and hold
    • Step 5:. Wait approximately 15-20 minutes for the acetone to soak through the gel polish
    • Step 6: Unwrap the foil and check that the Builder Gel polish easily slides off the nail before removing it completely
      • If you have any little pieces of gel remaining, you can just scrape them away gently with an orange stick
    • Step 7: Apply Kiki London Cuticle Oil to replenish the oils in the nail and hydrate them.  This is especially important as it has been soaking in acetone and this can dry out the nail




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