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Kiki London Nail Gel Reviews. Please find all reviews for different Nail Gels, Products and Collections from Kiki London Customers. 

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Beautiful ❤️

Recieved my order and I'm delighted. Fabulous nail machine , gorgeous nail colours. Our Nails are looking gorgeous today . Delivery was excellent. Well packaged and came the next day. Highly recommended. Look forward to shopping soon again with you and adding many more colours to my new machine and polish collection. Thank you.

Exotic Summer 2022 Collection
Amanda L - Enchanted Nails By Amanda
The BEST collection for summer.

Honestly this collection has something for every one, I love all the colours and they combine and pair up so easily as well!

Mermaid Waves
Jelena Dobileviciene
Mermaid Waves

awesome product!
easy to use+long lasting!!
delivery is great ✅👏

Best build gel

I self taught how to gels in lockdown and have had a few different builder gels.
This stuff is amazing!!
I did my nails 4 weeks ago and spent 10 days of that in Cyprus in the heat/pools/sea and they are still perfect condition.
No lifting or anything. Really durable stuff.


Every time I use they dont come off the foil properly iv followed the instructions but no luck

Smells amazing

Good amount for the price....really nice product...smells lush.

Amazing biab

Really enjoyed using this biab, it's thick enough to not flood everywhere but a nice consistency to manoeuvre down the nail. No heat spikes at all, self levels with next to no filing needed which is a bonus because I hate filing!!
Beautiful colour too. Colour I used in the picture is "Sweet Rose" and the pink gel polish used in the picture is "Watermelon Sugar" from the Exotic Summer Collection, stunning!!


Really love the neon set

Coral Bay
#133874 Hall

Lovely colour, a firm favourite

Super Glossy!

Top Coat is a really nice consistency, applies and cures perfectly and stays glossy! I love this! Base Coat again applied nicely, cured with a nice tacky layer exactly as it should, Perfect duo!

Stunning colours 😍

Amazing coverage in just one coat! They apply like a paint, dream to use!

Beautiful glaze

The brilliant white colour of this product reminds me of the white glaze on a iced finger (yum) it’s such a great product and sometimes I just use that as my final look or I add colour tips to give a little pizzaz. As an amateur the ease of use is amazing and gives me confidence when using it. I love this product which allows me to maintain my nails in comfort without leaving my home which is a win win for me.

Summer must haves

An absolutely gorgeous collection with some have colours for summer. All applied beautifully and the new bottles are fab and so pleasing to the eye.

24K Flake (Glitter Top Coat)
Beautiful Flake topcoat

This topcoat is beautiful it really adds something to any mani.
I've also used Kiki London colours from right to left Black Heart, Ruby, Red, Olive You, Fiji Water and Flamingo Pink

Stunning Holographic topcoat

This Diamond Dust TopCoat is absolutely stunning. Perfect for adding that little sparkle to any mani. Colours used are also Kiki london from left to right Royalty, Ivy Forest, Navy Baby, Sleek Slate, Black Heart

Egg-Shell Top Coat
amanda jenkins
Perfect egg shell nails

I've wanted a topcoat like this for some time, and it's not disappointed me at all. So easy to use, colours used are also Kiki London from left to right Beaches & Cream, Mojito Ice, Chick Flick, Just Lavish, Sea Blue

Stunning collection

Perfect summer collection of exotic colours. All perfect coverage in 2 coats, it's a must have collection.
Added pictures of my swatches both matte and glossy.

Stunning Summer colours

These are all beautiful - a fantastic range for summer. All the colours apply well and give excellent coverage with 2 coats. I swatched mine on clear tips and topped with Kiki London Rubber Base Coat.
Selection of photos attached.

Great products

Great products defo recommend
Rubber selection is fantastic


This has to be one of my favourite top coats. It is absolutely stunning and all my clients are in love with it too! Amazing!

No wipe top coat

Fantastic. Brilliant shine. First time using this brand. No chips. Mani has lasted ages. Highly recommend.


These are honestly THE BEST brushes I've ever used for nail art! As an avid Nail Art fan, since using these brushes I don't think I could ever use another ever again!! Well done to the team for creating such a wonderful set ❤

Great product

I found Kiki product is a great, easy, durable and has beautiful colours.
I almost have a small shop😄 at home cause I keep buying every day something new.


I have used this on a few clients to add strength and on one who has a permanent split nail. Also used on myself. This is fantastic my nails have the same strength as if I had an Overlay on. My clients haven't been in touch with any issues so they're happy. I'd say you have the strength of an Overlay without the fuss.

Smiley faces

These Decals will definitely put a nsile on your face. They are so fun and quirky.
Really easy to use.
Would recommend using on a nude base coat