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Fantastic Stuff!

I'm already obsessed! Fantastic quality sculpting gel, beautiful shades and really nice consistency, it's not overly thick, more of a medium consistency and does self level. This would be a great option for a beginner to learn with too because it's not going to flood quickly into your side walls or cuticle area and for professionals too it glides beautifully down the nail. I'm really impressed with it. I'd definitely recommend trying it.

Sculpting Gel Set
Easy to work with

These sculpting Gels are easy to work with, the self levelling medium viscosity makes it a breeze to create amazing nails.

Absolutely recommend this collection of chrome's for any nail tech! Purple and blue were used here!

Perfect for those small details!

Chrome apliea beautifully and easily and has a gorgeous shine it it! Used in this photo for some beautiful line work!

Such a gorgeous deep blue. Has true dimension to it. 💙

Beautiful soft gold almost champagne 🌟 stunning as an accent or small details

Beautiful coverage perfect for spring and summer too! Applies Beautifully 💚

A perfect red with a deep tone ❤️

Perfect red for that hint of Neon! Looks exceptional in matte finish!

Must have red

This red is a must have perfect red from Christmas to valentines it's an all round beauty!

Perfect for the glazed donut nails and adds a beautiful shine to any colour!!!

Breathtaking pink glitter that truly shine like a diamond! I recommend thw whole collection!

Favourite pink!

I was nor disappointed with this pink! I was after a muted wintery pink and this was definitely spot on@

Such a beautiful collection! Each one is unique to any I've seen before!


Purchased as part of the spring bling collection.

It does not disappoint! Beautiful on its own or as a background for character art!

Blue perfection!

Such a beautiful blue I find perfect for winter but also spring! Amazing coverage and consistency. Perfect!

Fantastic brush!!!!

Love this brush has become one of my favourite brushes to use. I use it all the time. Great for smile lines and lots of nail art

A Must Have Collection

This is a must have collection for the summer months. The colours are so bright anf beautiful. I really can't chose my favourite as they are all gorgeous.
They really compliment a beautiful summer tan

Beautiful collection

I love thic collection the shades are very on trend and are perfect for autumn.
My favourite in this collection has to be Sage Green


A collection of 5 beautiful glitter shades that have depending on lighting the colours slightly shift.
My favourite in this collection has to be Brown Billionaire


This Collection is gorgeous. A range of beautiful pastel shades with an egg shell Fleck.

Indian Summer Collection

A Beautiful Collection. Each colour is so rich and vibrant. I cant say I have a favourite as it would be so hard to chose.

Lady In Red

A stunning collection of red polishes perfect for valentines nail designs or just that sheek red look.
Also in the collection is a super cute heart glitter top coat.

This collection is super beautiful

Snow Flake Top Coat
Gemma prance

This topcoat is fantastic for the winter and Christmas Designs.
With different size white glitter type snowflakes it creates an amazing finsh.
Easy to manipulate the snowflakes where you want them

Black Heart
Gemma prance

Everyone needs a perfect black polish in their collection and this black is just that perfect.
A super 2 Coats and looks super glossy but I do love it with a Matte finish aswell