Kiki London Core Range Colours

What colours are included in Kiki London Core Range 7.3ml?

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SKU Colour Name Colour Size
BK01 Black Heart Black 7.3ml 
BL01 Sea Blue Blue 7.3ml 
BL02 Baby Boy Blue 7.3ml 
BL03 Night Sky Blue 7.3ml 
BL04 Zesty Blue Blue 7.3ml 
BL05 Electric Island Orange 7.3ml 
BL06 Keep It Teal Blue 7.3ml 
BL07 Fiji Water  Blue 7.3ml 
BR01 Brown Sugar Brown 7.3ml 
BR02 Chocolate Melt Brown 7.3ml 
GL01 Pink Cadillac Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL02 Techno Rave Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL03 Galaxy Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL04 VIP Gold Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL05 Diamonds  Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL06 Green Tinsel Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL07 F+C18:C40ire Bolt Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL08 Disco Blue Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL09 Crystal Babe Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GL10 Lady Vegas Glitter Core Range 7.3ml 
GR02 Cool Mint Green 7.3ml 
GR03 Go Khaki  Green 7.3ml 
GR04 Mojito Ice Green 7.3ml 
GY01 Mrs Grey Grey 7.3ml 
ND01 French Pink Nude 7.3ml 
ND02 Sweet Heart Nude 7.3ml 
ND03 Pink Tint Nude 7.3ml 
ND04 Tea Rose Nude 7.3ml 
ND05 Tailor Made Nude 7.3ml 
ND06 Nude Tan Nude 7.3ml 
ND07 Blush Nude 7.3ml 
ND08 Feelin' Peachy Nude 7.3ml 
ND09 Pamper Me Nude 7.3ml 
ND10 Ballet Charm Nude 7.3ml 
OR01 Sunset Glow Orange 7.3ml 
OR02 Orange Soda Orange 7.3ml 
PK01 Popping Pink Pink 7.3ml 
PK02 Flamingo Pink Pink 7.3ml 
PK03 Bubble Gum Pink 7.3ml 
PK04 Baby Pink Pink 7.3ml 
PK05 Neon Princess Pink 7.3ml 
PK06 Boss in Pink Pink 7.3ml 
PK07 Coral Whip Pink 7.3ml
PR01 Grape Juice Purple 7.3ml 
PR02 Metallic Dream Purple 7.3ml 
PR03 Lilac Lover Purple 7.3ml 
PR04 Cotton Candy Purple 7.3ml 
PR05 Just Lavish Purple 7.3ml
RD01 Divine Kiss Red 7.3ml 
RD02 Poison Apple Red 7.3ml 
RD03 Bridal Red Red 7.3ml 
RD04 Wild Heat Red 7.3ml 
RD05 Holiday Burst Red 7.3ml 
RD06 Chilli Pepper  Red 7.3ml 
RD07 Blood Orange Red 7.3ml 
RD08 Berry Glitz Red 7.3ml 
RD09 Wine With Me Red 7.3ml 
RD10 Brick Lane Red 7.3ml 
WT01 French White White 7.3ml 
WT02 Coconut White 7.3ml 
YE01 Lemon Tart Yellow 7.3ml 
YE02 Buttercup  Yellow 7.3ml 
YE03 Beaches & Cream  Yellow 7.3ml 

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